International conference
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I wish to make conference with webcam and microphone involving several persons from various languages and culture:

Do tou know a program where one person is in charge of the acces to speech ?
what is the best software to use ?
what is your experiences about it ?
any advice about organisation ?
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I prefer to use skype, because it hardly requires any special setup.

Appoint one person the moderator and open a group (text) chat as well. Everyone who wants to speak should enter some comment into the shared chat.

Actually the (text) chat is very helpful as well, since people can enter notes and comments for the current speaker / group andfor later discussion - without interrupting the person speaking.
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homodigitalis : but we cannot use the web cam at the same time, CU wprld is lmted to 4 peoples ?
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free or pay?

if you or your company can pay, WebEx is great.

Webex en francais - il y a quelques autres langues disponibles.
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You have only ONE webcam for four people in the room?
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Homodigitalis , please excuse me, I mean 4 peoples in various location, but I wish to find more simultaneous webcam interacting.
Desjardins, merci pour la suggestion mais nous sommes en associatif ( travail historique) nous devons rester gratuit.
I found ooVoo for the moment, nice UI by the way, but 4 users is the max.
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