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A good while back on MeFi there was a textad for a resume writer/helper site. I know this is a long shot, but I was intrigued by the service, and now can't find the site. Anyone? (I seem to remember it being a neatly designed, clean site with lots of white space and some green, but that probably doesn't help much).
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Dagney if you want to e-mail me privately I'll help you with your resume. I've been in HR for twelve years, which doesn't mean I know a THING about your industry, but I do know what other recruiters/HR people look for.

In most jobs, 90% of the resumes never make it off our Desks of HR Evil, so if you can get past us, you're on your way to success.

By the way, if anyone else wants some resume or interviewing help, I've got some free time right now. I'd feel less guilty helping Mefi'ers get jobs than just sitting here hitting refresh over and over again.
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pomegranate: I'd appreciate any comments you (or any other MeFi folk) have on my resume, if you're offering. It's online here -- the version I send with applications is the same in content, but in a white-background MS Word file.

I've nailed pretty much every interview I've had over the years, but I have a really, really tough time getting the interview. Thanks for offering to help, by the way. Very kind of you.
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No problem. Ten or so people have sent me their resumes already, and I've finished editing them already.

Jairus, I wish I had your problem; Though I'm a superstar at interviewing people, I'm the absolute worst at BEING interviewed. I actually vomited in my last interview. True, it was food poisoning, but I thought it was a pretty good indication of my feelings on the matter.
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Scratch that second "already," Already.
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pomegranate: I owe my interview success to a series of interview guides that were on e2 a few years ago. I'm not sure if they're still there or not, but they made all the difference in the world.
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