Unique ascent. How do you plan to get down?
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Help me piece together my vague recollection of a rock climbing story that I read years ago.

I read this years ago, either online or in a book, but I don’t recall which. It's a true story of several inexperienced rock climbers (perhaps college students?) in the Southwestern United States. From what I remember, they climbed some giant rock formation and then got stuck on the top. An experienced climber heard about the story, headed over, and got a message to them essentially saying, “Unique ascent. How do you plan to get down?” And then, of course, helped them get down.

Does anyone know what this was, or where I can find information on it?
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Try the forums at rockclimbing.com and supertopo.com.

The first rule of bouldering: know how you get back down.
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