Need help finding cheap one-way flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong
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Cheap flights between Ho Chi Minh and Hong Kong, one-way only. Leaving around September 16th. Any recommendations? So far the cheapest found is £199 ($407) from expedia. Are there any other cheaper airlines?
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You may want to try Cathay Pacific Airlines.
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Expedia rarely provides the best prices from flights originating out of Asia. However, Zuji.comn, a Hong Kong travel / Travelocity site, is showing similar prices. For Vietnam, I suspect you will find the best deals in country.
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Expedia doesn't include the regional budget airlines. This list seems to be a good start, but googling will get you others.

I don't know of any cheap direct flights. But to start you off...

Tiger Airways can fly you HCMC (dep. 07:30) - Singapore (arr. 10:25) for $56.82 incl. taxes; JetStar can fly you Singapore (dep. 15:45) - Hong Kong (arr. 19:25) for $174. Or you could do both legs with JetStar for a bit more money.
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You can check the Wikipedia pages for both airports and see which airlines connect them. It would also help people find you a cheaper flight if you told us when you wanted to fly; airlines can be cheaper or more expensive than each other depending on when and where you're going. I searched for flights on August 30.

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines (starting at the end of August), United, and Vietnam Airlines fly from HCMC to Hong Kong; Shenzhen Airlines flies from HCMC to Shenzhen, which is literally right over the border in China from Hong Kong.

However, I think the best idea is to do what rjt suggested above, or to go from HCMC to Bangkok, from which you have way more choices to get to Hong Kong - including Cathay Pacific and Thai, as well as Egyptair, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Sri Lankan, China Airlines, and Kenya Airways non-stop.

From Bangkok you could also fly AirAsia, the region's biggest low-cost airline, to Macao, which is right next to HK and is linked to it by a ferry, should you be desirous of an additional passport stamp.
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Also: way more people use travel agents in that region of the world than people do in America and Europe, so perhaps they'd be able to get you a better deal.
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(If you are using Bangkok as a hub be careful to check that your flights arrive and depart from the same airport. Also, BangkokAir flies to Shenzhen which is very close to Hong Kong, or at least looks it on their route map.)
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check out airasia. discount airline in the region.
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Seconding Airasia. They don't fly out of Hong Kong, but they do fly to Macau, and you can take a pleasant 1-hour ferry from nearby the Macau airport into Central (HK). Airasia tickets are ridiculously, mind-boggling cheap. However, they kinda suck as an airline, frequent delays and cancellations. I'd recommend them, unless your schedule is tight, and you can't afford a delay.

Alternately, you can try, which is essentially the Asian Expedia. Its website design sucks, but they have good fares. (They don't include discount airlines in their searches, unfortunately).

Have fun!
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