How to get into Senate hearings?
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How can a regular citizen get in to see Senate hearings? I have found rules for reporters explaining how they can get credentials, but not for us regular folks. I assume it would be harder to get into high-profile hearings like the recent AG performances, but I would like to try if it is possible.
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Best answer: From the Committee on the Judiciary:
How can I attend a Committee Hearing? Are they open to the public?

Our hearings are open to the public. Attending a committee hearing is very simple. A person should arrive early because admission is on a first come first serve basis. Typically seating is limited due to the room accomodations. Hearings are held in both the morning and/or the afternoon.
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Wow! The US Senate can't spell accommodations.

The other way is to contact your local senator's office as they can often help.
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You can see most hearings but some are off limits to the public (e.g. many of the Senate's Select Committee on Intelligence's hearings are off limits because the info is classified). Just keep in mind one thing: If it's a high profile hearing, seating is almost impossible to get and even many low profile hearings aren't very easy to get into, either. When I worked on Capitol Hill, it was common to see homeless people in line. The homeless people were actually paid by lobbyists to hold their place in line. Then you have all the media, Hill staffers, concerned public, and tourists. Get there early.
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Yea, most any of the hearings that don't have to do with classified materials are open to the public. It's just a matter of first come, first serve.
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