How can I get XP power options to work?
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How can I get my power settings (in XP) to actually work?

I have a new Fujitsu Lifebook running XP SP2 and for some reason the power settings don't work. I have it set on energy-saving scheme and none of my settings (turn off monitor, stop hard drives, etc) work on plugged in or on battery. I've tried switching the schemes and nothing works. This seems like such a small problem that it shouldn't even be a problem. I've done some googling and all I've seen is that other people have the problem, but I haven't found a solution. So how can I fix it? Otherwise, is there anyway I can turn off my monitor w/out using the power settings? If I could do that then that would be okay.
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You could set your screensaver to a blank screen, except for the backlight, that would be almost the same.
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blue_beetle: Except there would be a backlight and it's energy consumption that I'm most targeting. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
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Is ACPI turned off in the BIOS?

What software are you using to control power settings? Many laptop manufacturers use their own software, but windows has built in power settings. See if you are using the wrong one.

Visit the Fujitsu webpage and see if there is an update for your BIOS.
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Do you have a USB mouse connected? I found that a mouse I had been using would even keep my power settings from kicking in.
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Updating the BIOS has seemed to fix it for the present time.
SAC - I do have a USB mouse and if the power settings currently stop working, then I will attempt unplugging it.
Thanks guys
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okay, new update: it now doesn't work anymore. I also tried unplugging the mouse and that hasn't helped either.
Any more ideas?
(sorry for the premature congratulation)
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