Good Accountant Needed!
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Any recommendations for a really good accountant in Melbourne, Australia?

So, we're getting closer to our big shift to Melbourne, Australia. One of the things we would like to sort out in the first few weeks of being there is organising a good accountant.

My girlfriend and I will primarily be doing consultancy work for our previous employers in New Zealand, so we prefer an accountant who is familiar with helping maximise the tax breaks for income sourced from NZ.

I'm calling on all Melburnians past and present to proffer your wise recommendations! Thank yee.
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I live in Melbourne and I use a fantastic accountant for both personal and business purposes. His name is John Filippo, and he runs a company called Filippo Chartered Accountants.

The phone number to make an appointment and have a chat about setting it all up is 03 96148777.

Hope that helps!
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Great! Thanks for the tip. We'll get in touch with him when we get to Melbourne :)
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