Nice multi-coloured pen?
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Does anyone know of a nice looking (read, formal/professional looking) pen with 3 or 4 colours? I really love this bic pen because it saves space in my pocket, but it really doesn't look right in a professional enviroment.

I'd love something made of wood or metal, of even just plastic that just looks like wood or metal.

Extra points if you can provide a URL to shop/see it online.
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I have this Fisher pen that has black and red ink, a mechanical pencil, and a stylus. It's pretty spiffy and metal.
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How about this snappy Bible study pen?
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Best answer: Lamy 2000
Rotring Quattro

These are German pens but very well designed. Expensive though - will run you in the ballpark of $60-75. If you have a local pen store, it may be better to have them order for you than from the few online stores that stock them.
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Seconding the Rotring Quattro. Beautifully made, clever mechanism and machined from a hunk of brass so solid that you could use it as a murder weapon. Common inserts for it are standard ballpoint or rollerball colours, a slightly useless highlighter, and a 0.5mm pencil. If you use a PDA, swap out the highlighter for a PDA stylus.
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Thirding Rotring Quattro, it's worth paying money for the quality. I use a load of Rotring pens and pencils - all my drawing is done with a Rotring mechanical pencil I was given 19 years ago for my 10th birthday. Check eBay, you often see drastically reduced prices there.
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Fourthing Rotring Quattro. I have one, it's great. Whenever I hand it to someone to let them use it, I always get comments on how heavy and well-balanced it is, particularly for a mechanical pencil (which is how I use it most often).
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This cool multi pen thing I got from the MOMA Store (Museum of Modern Art) is very compact for a multi function. It has a black pen, a pencil, an orange highlighter, and a stylus for a PDA. The exterior is like a yellow ruler with inche and centimeter markings.
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Here's some cheaper options - I had a friend that brought back several of the Pilot Dr. Grip ones from Japan, I loved it. It's nicer looking than the Bic ones, but not so nice you're worried about losing it all the time.
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And as soon as I post I mention this to a friend in an IM, and she points me to the 'Quad' multi pen, her boss swears by them and gives all her new hires one.
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Muji do some lovely pens with disposable prices, and their range includes multi-ink pens.

Here's one.
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I have a Rotring Trio (blue, red, and pencil), and don't like it. It's too dang heavy. When I wear it in my business shirt pocket, it feels almost as heavy as my Palm Treo, which is very distracting. It flops around and hits my chest. Plus I don't think it writes that well. Not smooth on the paper...more scratchy and skippy unless you press down hard, which tires my hand quickly. My cheap Fisher Bullet pen writes much better, using a light touch, so I carry it constantly.

Rotring pencils are nice, and I have a couple. Also have pens ranging from Waterman to Mont Blanc to Lamy. I regret the purchase of the Rotring multi pen.
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Response by poster: These are all really great answers! Thanks people. Now I just have to them down. . .
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Response by poster: Of course I meant "Now I just have to track them down. . ."
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