Where can I sell my hair in Los Angeles?
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Where can I sell my hair in Los Angeles?

Are there places in Los Angeles (or anyplace else in the U.S., for that matter) where I can sell my hair in person?

I know I can donate my hair (Caucasian, med/dark brown, 20-25") to someplace like Locks of Love. In fact, I have done so in the past. However, this time around I'd like to be able to sell it and donate the money (to the Hospice House where one of my relatives spent her last weeks).

I've done some research online, and know that most places that use human hair buy in bulk from countries like India, China, and Russia. I also know that some people sell their hair online, but I'm wary of that (given the sites' tendency to attract creepy hair fetishists who want to cut the hair themselves, get the haircut recorded, etc.).

I've thought about it and would be most comfortable if I could sell my hair in person, and thus have control over the transaction. I probably won't cut it for another year at least, but I'm curious if this is even a possibility. Anyone have any experience with this?

Also, as a side question: does anyone know of cultural traditions in which someone else wearing your hair is bad luck or proscribed altogether? (Not in the sense of using it to cast a spell (e.g., voodoo?); more in the sense that your hair is yours, and shouldn't be worn by another person.)
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I would look for local places that make/sell custom wigs (the first hit is for a place in Santa Ana) and ask them for leads. If they do high-end/custom work, I think it's more likely that they get their hair (or are willing to buy hair) from someplace other than a bulk supplier.
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