In search of free online tool for creating radial graphs!
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Are there any free online tools for generating radar (aka radial, spider, star) graphs/charts?

The ideal tool would be easy to use dynamically and/or against large sets of data to generate multiple graphs.

I know that Google Documents, for example, provides a lot of graph/chart options, but not this specific sort. On the other end, I'm solid with perl and aware of e.g., but I'd love to find a slick, existing start-to-finish tool rather than having to roll some or all of it myself.

Any ideas?
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I money weren't an issue, I've used SigmaPlot to generate that sort of graph in the past. It's extraordinarily powerful and met my pretty exacting standards for graphing tools in terms of output quality.

For free stuff, maybe try GNUPlot? I haven't used it myself, but it's supposed to be pretty decent. It's got a polar plotting mode that looks like it might be useful for you. I think it's also somehow connected/connectable to Octave. It might be easier to prototype with a richer interface than just pure gnuplot.
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