Delbert McClinton
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What genre (sub genre?) is this music?

John Mayall, "Walking on Sunset"
Delbert McClinton, "I Wanna Thank You Baby", and "Old Weakness"
Lou Ann Barton, "Sugar Coated Love"

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Bar band blues
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Thanks. Now, what happened with my font?!
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I'm with chillmost on this: "Bar Band Blues". Hearing those names makes me miss Joey's Bar in Tulsa (you may have seen it in the bar scene from Weird Al's UHF). Barton and McClinton both played there more than once... Joey Secora used to have live blues nightly, and "name" acts at least once a month. When a Blues artist played in Tulsa (the Brady or Cain's Brawlroom mainly), they'd often drop in afterward to Joey's to hang out and jam with whoever was on hand.
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