My Camera. It broke. I'm sad.
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I had my camera (a Canon Rebel) plugged into a laptop when the laptop crashed. The laptop had to be rebooted, but now I can't get any computers to recognize my camera, or, in some cases, they recognize it, but say they don't have the right drivers. This has never been a problem before, what do I do?
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Is there anything important on the memory card? Try reformatting the card and restoring factory defaults.
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Sounds like you f**ked the memory card (a CF card on a rebel, I think).

There are all kinds of recovery options to get those photos back, and you don't say if you're Mac, PC, or other. Any good file recovery software should do the trick if the pics are salvageable.

Then, reformat the card and see if that solves the problem.
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If you have a card reader, try the memory card in that, just to check. Also, try resetting the camera settings to their defaults. If that doesn't work, try removing the battery from the camera and let it sit overnight to reset all its settings, and then try again.
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I got a help disk from Canon for that very problem with my 350. It just broke, btw, but that must have been from an internal glitch in the camera, and had nothing to do with the computer (I hope...)
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The lovely PhotoRec will recovery your photos for free.
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