Fantastic Plastic Machine "Get me to the church" ?
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Find me the Fantastic Plastic Machine arrangement of "Get me to the church on time" (or whatever it's called) from My Fair Lady, featured in the Uniqlock (recent FPP). The Googles, they do nothing!

I've tried googling around for this track, but come up with nothing. It must be that either

1. The track has a loopy, non-obvious title,

2. It's unreleased,

3. Something else.

Has anyone heard this outside of the Uniqlock context? I neeeeeeed it!
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Did you check the available FPM songs at skreemr? Check the 7th song down.
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Hmm, that would be "Pura Saudade (Optiganally Mix)"? No, doesn't sound right to me. And none of the obvious title searchs on skreemr seem to produce any results. (It does seem like a useful site generally, though. Thanks.)
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Strike one. I am still searching, as I am a fan of FPM.
I have found Tomoyuki Tanaka's blog, but I don't have the Japanese language pack. I find more than one mention of the music being referred to as "the time signal" sound, but not one mention of uniqlock on the FPM website. You could write to him at fpm(at)fpmnet(dot)com, and ask for the actual title as a last resort, IF THIS IS NOT IT!!! Item #30.
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That last link appears to be one of the Uniqlock audition videos, unfortunately. No go (only metronome sound, no music). Tanaka's blog has an entry announcing the Uniqlock, but it doesn't say what track it is (indeed, sounds like it may be original; "The Uniqlock, whose music I was in charge of, starts today!").
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