Can I export pictures from MS Word?
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Is it possible to export pictures from Microsoft Word documents? I need to re-color a graphic that's been inserted into a Microsoft Word 2003 document. Unfortunately, that is the only copy I have of the graphic. Word doesn't seem to provide a way to color over graphics. Even getting it into Paint would work fine--but first I need to get it there. Am I screwed?
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Take a screenshot, crop, edit.
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Actually, wait... you'd probably lose a lot of detail, assuming this is a high-res image for printing?

Right-click the image, 'Copy', then open Paint and paste.
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Choose Edit/Select All, or hit Ctrl A. Open up MS Paint. Choose Edit/Paste, say OK when it says it's too big. Crop and edit away. Or save as jpg from Paint and edit in another program.
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If you're on a Mac, File Juicer will extract the original, full-resolution images from pretty much any kind of document.
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You should be able to right click on the image and select the 'save as picture' option.
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Save as a Web Page and all of the pictures will be exported to a folder.
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Right click on the image, choose copy, open up your image editor, hit Ctl+N, then enter, then Ctl+V. Works for me.

When you get the image out, give Paint.NET a try. A much better image editor than Paint, and it's free...
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