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College essay filter: help me find this (probably satirical) college entrance essay.

My Google-fu is weak today. A few years back, someone forwarded me an essay that was allegedly written as a college entrance essay. It was a bunch of preposterous statements that couldn't possibly be true (sort of like I've climbed Everest unassisted, developed a cure for cancer, toured the world with my rock band, etc.) and ended with a line like "but I haven't yet attended college". I'm helping someone write an essay right now, and I wanted to use that one for comic relief/inspiration, but I can't find it online for the life of me. Any help? Thanks!
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Here you go.
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Here you go
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I love that one. Hadn't read it in years, but "I woo women with my sensuous and godlike trombone playing" has become a common phrase in my household. I was glad to see it was as good as I remembered.
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that guy went to my high school!

if you're interested, another college essay that I liked was this (don't know if its true or not)
The prompt was something to the effect of, "What is courage?"
And the student's essay was just, "This is courage."
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I've heard a similarly ballsy anecdote. On an essay question related to social change and the improvement of power facilities:

What is the future of coal?
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Haha, god particle, I've heard stories of that same essay used on the new SAT. Nice to know urban legends keep up with the changing times.
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There's always the timeless classic:

Is this a question?
Is this an answer?

...always quoted to me as a Q&A from a Philosophy exam. I wonder how many kids have decided to enrol in Philosophy courses in the sincere expectation of eeeeeeasy credit.
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