Bangkok logding suggestions?
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Places to stay in Bangkok, and cool things to do there...

My wife and I are going to Thailand from mid-December into the 1st week of January. We'll be in Bangkok part of the time, with side trips planned to Hua Hin, the Chiang Mai area, and probably Cambodia.

We're looking for a cool hotel in Bangkok, not too expensive, but we don't want to do the hostel-type thing either. We'll need a place where the staff speaks English (I'm trying to learn some Thai but it's not progressing much) but it would be cool if we're not totally surrounded by other farangs. The Arun Residence and Eugenia both look really nice.

Bonus points for recommendations of interesting things to do in BKK. We're planning on a lot of sightseeing in the city, some shopping, and, of course, lots of Thai food!
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Response by poster: Duh - that's supposed to say Bangkok lodging suggestions...
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Go see some Muay Thai at one of the big boxing stadiums.
Check out Chatuchak Weekend Market and buy some knock off football (soccer) shirts.
Even if you sre not staying in Banlampoo, visit Khao San Rd just to see the crazyness.
Theres temples galore if thats your bag.

Sorry I have no recommendations for lodging. I walways stayed in a £1 room at Mamma's guesthouse in the Khao san area.
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Have a great time!
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Since you mentioned Thai food, don't be afraid to eat the street food! You'll find stalls all over the place with 10 to 20 or different curries & other dishes - you can select a couple on rice for less than a dollar. They won't make you sick, but you'd better like your chilli! Also, 1001 different kinds of instant snacks & drinks from street stalls everywhere. *drools*

visit Khao San Rd just to see the crazyness - if you do this, go at night when the street is closed off to traffic & the night markets are in full swing. You'll get a farang overload, but also heaps of trendy young Thais - including plenty of ladyboys - who also go there to hang out & socialise. It might not be your scene, but it's reasonably lively & good for people-watching. I wouldn't avoid it just for the sake of avoiding it.
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I was in BKK earlier this year. We booked a hotel via Rates To Go and were very happy - we ended up paying about AUD$70 per night for a place that was charging AUD$200 a night at list price. I'm pretty sure the name of the hotel was the Twin Towers (yes i know) and it was very nice, with a huge room, comfy beds, great bathroom. Added to that, it was very central (5 minutes from that big shopping mall i keep forgetting the name of).

Do check out Ayuttaya. We rented a little motorbike (no license necessary!) and whizzed our way all over the area. It was hot, sweaty, but beautiful. Try and catch a sunset there. That was the best day trip we took whilst there.

And i agree thoroughly about not avoiding street food! It's GREAT!

Have fun!
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Suggestion for a place to stay is Reflections, a hotel where every room has been decorated by a different artist. It is not wildly expensive, but certainly you could find cheaper (and it is much cheaper than the places you have listed). While the staff speak English, the area is much more 'Thai' and less touristy, though there are plenty of restaurants etc in the area (including their own restaurant which is very good) as it is an area becoming more popular for 'independent' foreigners to live (ie not the corporate relocation types). Very handy to the skytrain so you can easily get about.

Look up Bangkok Segway tours. Also Bai Pai Cooking School (if interested) for a reasonably priced and well recommended option. I like Jim Thompson's House for a wander and a quick bite. Le Lys restaurant is nice (they have a website). Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant is very pretty at night (lots of fairy lights) and the food is pretty good too, unless you want it super spicy. Go to the Moon Bar on top of the Banyan Tree hotel for a cocktail. None of these are really off the beaten track things, though having lived in Bangkok for a year, I could give you some. However, I find people tend not to track down the more obscure restaurants etc as they tend to go to whatever is close by. Another of my favourites is called River Bar Cafe (also have a website, print off the details for the taxi driver). Great seafood restaurant right on the river, good prices, lovely in the evening, usually only a few/no foreigners.
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Here's the map for River Bar Cafe (bit hard to find on their site which is a mix of Thai/English). Taxis are an easy and cheap way to get around in Bangkok, just make sure they put the meter on (rather than negotiating a price). Aside from going to the airport, around town shouldn't cost more than 100 baht a shot.
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There is a great temple on the "Other" side of the river - Wat Prayoon - you can feed the turtles.
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Get your suit on! No, really, go get some clothes made for cheap!
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Tai Pan was fine. Here's my blog from my trip there in 2001: blog
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Upon reliving it reading my own old blog, the Ambassador was nicer for better money.

If you go to Koh Samui, stay near the other beach I was not near. Chawang Beach, not Lamai. Not that it's bad, Chaweng just seemed like a better spot.
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I stayed at the Atlanta Hotel while I was there. The lower floors are original, I think the upper floors (with considerably less charm) were added on in later years. Very funky older hotel with excellent food, nightly movies and occasional in house entertainment.
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The best night markets are in Nah Thamburi, which is accessible by the riverboat. Just head north. You won't see another farang face, and the food and shopping is as real Thai as it gets.

I ate a wonderful, ridiculously great Royal Thai meal at Bussaracum. It's more expensive (still relatively cheap...something like $60 for a multi-course meal for two with wine), but the presentation is gorgeous and you may not have the chance to eat the "Royal" style anywhere else.

Get a massage at Wat Po. As soon as possible after arriving if you've been traveling for a long time.

Also, try Thai nightlife outside of the silly and gross Patpong. There's a great scene that doesn't involve hookers, counterfeit goods, swindlers and menacing drunken foreigners.
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I really liked the Hotel Atlanta too, though I would suggest you spend the least amount of time possible in Bangkok.

Too much traffic, pollution, and people hassling you. Out of the city is SO much nicer.
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When you're in Chaing Mai, try to take a cooking class— I got to learn all about Northern Thai food and enjoyed the hell out of the class.

I happened to find the business card while I was cleaning out my wallet:

The Master
Permpoon & Suriyan Nabnian
5 Ratchamanka Road
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