It takes you how long to make that page?
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Examples of time estimates for web development

I'm trying to find resources that indicate average hours for web development. For instance, a 5 page brochure type site typically takes x to y amount of time. Adding on ordering for a gift card mailed to your house adds an extra 10 hours of time. A full shopping cart with 25 products will be around 110 hours, etc. I realize there are tons of variables. I just want to get a broad sense.

Where can I find such numbers; I would like to benchmark against our numbers.
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All these things really depend on a few variables (as you say), such as the familiarity of the person developing with the task, skill of the person, specifics of the job etc. For example, a relatively simple placeholder which I'm doing at the moment is taking me a lot longer than usual because I've got to do some Flash, which I've never done before.

Also, more experienced developers may have files of classes and methods which they can reuse, and HTML/CSS templates which they've built up over time. Newcomers who are technically more skilled may take longer to do something, because they haven't built up this library of frequently recurring items.

Furthermore, sometimes a client will provide top quality, professionally done photography (love it when this happens). Others may not, leading to hours of hunting stock-photo sites etc.

I think your best benchmark is against yourself. Are you taking less time on recurring things as each project goes on, while maintaining quality?

Others may disagree, and be able to give you some stats to measure yourself against.
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How many times is the customer going to change their mind? When we do consulting work that seems to be the most important variable.
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You need to focus on complexity and detail, not volume. Whether it's a 5 page or a 10 page catalog, it makes very little difference. If it's a CMS or static, or valid XHTML/CSS with lots of javascript, it'll make a massive difference.
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Also one thing I find that always lengthens the time is getting content. If the client are providing that themselves then the projected time will always be longer than you expect.
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It's what you think it will take, times 3.

At least.
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