Need a simple/inexpensive document management/imaging solution for a medium sized office so we can go paperless!
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Need a simple document management system with a clean, easy interface that can index documents based on job #, who the document is to and from, and date. Tagging the documents would be a really cool feature (like tagging) but not required.

I would also like to have OCR somehow so that we can search through larger documents.

Inexpensive is a high priority. It doesn't need to have complex workflow management or anything, I think the biggest issue is just that it needs to be really really simple to scan a document we've received by fax or print and be able to quickly and easily tag it with the appropriate job # and related information so that it can be found and retrieved easily. If the document could then be "sent" to the appropriate person that would be gravy.

We use PDF, Excel and Word and AutoCad and not much else except for photos.

I also need it to run on a server that all the computers in our office can then be able to access.

The cheaper the better but we will pay for something that is just perfect for us. It will just be easier to get the bean counters to go for the bait if we don't have to shell out thousands of dollars to get up and running.
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I love MOSS2007 (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007)
I am developing all kinds of stuff for it.

You can try also try their free version of Sharepoint WSS2007, which while lacking some features, I am positive has document libraries and list functionality. And then you could allways look at upgrading down the road to the more robust MOSS

sharepoint allows hyperlinking, and alerting, and per document permissions.

There are so many awesome features, I would suggest checking their site for more info.
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If you decide to check this out, let me know and I can help guide you setting up some cool tagging solutions and stuff, off site.
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KnowledgeTree is (mostly) open source, and probably has less vendor lock-in (and eeviiil) than WSS2007.

Although it's not as popular.
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