Need a BMW mechanic near Fort Lee, NJ
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Anyone know a good BMW mechanic in the Fort Lee, NJ (Near the George Washington Bridge) area? I have a 1988 325ix and need someone trustworthy and competent to take care of it. Service at the BMW dealer is outrageously expensive. I've tried various BMW message boards and come up empty. Something in a 30 minute radius would be nice, but I'll take what you got!
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if you turn up empty, check out hans brand at hans foreign auto in oakland, nj. he is a thoroughly competant and incredibly fair mechanic. he is a volvo mechanic but i have seen bmw, mb, etc in the lot. its at your distance limit, but hans is a great guy.
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Ask this question in the "Off Topic" forum at the 2002FAQ. There is no deeper repository of BMW knowledge on the Web. Many of the 2002 owners also own E30 Bimmers (including a lot of ix's), I guarantee someone there will be able to make a great recommendation.

From searching the forums, here are a couple previous recommendations for mechanics in your area:

Ultimate Cars,
44 School St, Bedford Hills NY 10507, (914) 241-3179

Little Garage in Queens
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You might also try searching by ZIP code at the Car Talk site. I've found several excellent mechanics there in WV, TN and VA (depending on where I was living at the time, of course. :) )
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