Searching for a book giving animal names in multiple languages
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This is a little esoteric (or silly), but does anyone know of a book that gives the words for various animals in multiple languages?

I came across a Romanian encyclopedia recently and really enjoyed the illustrated plates showing different families of animals and their names. I was wondering if there was a book that had something similar for more than one language. I've tried searching for language books aimed at kids, but haven't had luck finding one with lots of languages. Has anyone seen something like this?
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How's this? Looks like it covers a number of different languages.
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Okay no, this looks more like what you're looking for.
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I don't have a book recommendation, but you might find bzzzpeek interesting.
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Those are all really cool, but I'm looking for the names of the animals (i.e., how do you say "pig" in various languages?), not the different noises they make. Still, it's a start, so thank you!
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I use wikipedia for just this purpose. It's not exactly kid-friendly, but it does have a large number of animals (and other things, of course) in many languages, all conveniently linked from the "in other languages" box in the bottom left of the page.
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23 species in French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish: Where's the Bear?
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I never thought to use wikipedia! Now I know that in Polish, a raccoon is a Szop. Thanks, beerbajay!

And thanks for the book suggestion, Wolfdog--that's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for.
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Animal names in various languages.

Not many animals, but fun.

Also: Bird names.
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