Where I can shoot pool in the Cambridge MA area?
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Where to shoot pool in the Cambridge, Mass area?

I'm planning a bachelor party for a friend, and looking for a place for the guys to get together and shoot pool in the Cambridge, Somerville etcetera area - anywhere near those cities by car is fine. I'd prefer not to deal with downtown Boston (aka Boston Billiards) because it'd be a long haul from where we are.

Where should we go?
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Flat Top Johnny's has always seemed to be the default option.
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Yup, Flat Top Johnny's or there's also Good Time Emporium which can be sketchy depending on the day and time, but they also have Laser Tag and video games.
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Don't go to Jillians in Boston.
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If Allston counts as close, there's Big City. Not super-easy to drive to, though.

What's wrong with Jillian's, jeffamaphone? I've only been there once, but it seemed nice enough.
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Sacco's Bowling alley in the heart of Davis Square, Somerville. No liquor license there, though, if thats important.
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While I prefer the other options mentioned, the Corner Pocket on the Waltham/Belmont line can be a good fallback option if you're driving. The CP rarely fills up and has pretty reasonable rates for its private pool room.
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Yeah, Good Times is a little sketchy these days!

I can't believe I forgot about Jonny's!

I've never actually been in Sacco's... how many tables does it have?
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Good Time Emporium, definitely, if all you want to do is play pool and drink beer. Unless you're looking for a fight, you won't find one.
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Sacco's has about 8 tables - plus 15 candlepin lanes...and you're steps away from Redbones, the Burren, the Somerville Theatre, JP Licks, and Johnny D's.
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Horace Rumpole: "What's wrong with Jillian's, jeffamaphone? I've only been there once, but it seemed nice enough."

It's nice enough, and it's pretty big, and the one time I was there it was nowhere near crowded. But if you like beer, you'll be disappointed by their ridiculously thin selection. And I don't remember being impressed by their tables, either.

Flat Top Johnny's is pretty much the best place in the area for good tables (and pretty decent local microbrew). Big City is a little bigger and has a huge beer selection (and the selection downstairs at Sunset Grill is truly phenomenal) but their tables aren't nearly as nice.

There's a special place in my heart for the red tables at Flat Top Johnny's.
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