Gay marriage officiants in Ottawa?
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Is there some kind of member-list for gay-marriage officiants in Ottawa?

We were there last year on business -- found one, but hadn't managed to get married on our short stay. We're going back this year and intend to get it done.

But I've managed to lose her number. Is there a directory for this sort of thing? Googling has not been productive. I think we had actually found her in an Ottawa phone book! But those are hard to come by in New York (aren't they?).

I would like to find the same officiant that we found last year (just to save face for LOSING her number), but I'm not holding my breath (unhealthy).
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Try looking on, if you still know her name.

Or, try contacting one of these organisations for info. I'm sure they could help.
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I'm just straight-married, but I wholeheartedly recommend All Seasons Weddings for officiants. They even have a separate site targeted at gay couples.

They have a bunch of officiants all affiliated with one religion or another but who are happy to put their religion away during the ceremony if you want. We had a vaguely Buddhist-influenced but otherwise civil ceremony officiated by a Jewish cantor, Floralove Katz, and she was awesome.
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I have an Ottawa phone and yellow pages book if you want me to look through it for you.

I googled gay+marriage+ottawa+613 (that's our area code) and found this:

All Seasons Wedding Ottawa officiants (they were listed as gay-friendly). Maybe it was one of these people? Or maybe this one?
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Yeah! Thanks KathyK, it was "this one," Diane Schmolka. She wasn't part of any conglomerate sites that I knew of. We phoned her last year and she just had this pleasant, matronly thing. I don't know if she would want it called that, but it works. Thanks again!
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