3d Modeling for the Autodidact
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What are the best resources for learning Rhinoceros or Alias Studio?

Over the next few months I want to teach myself how to use a 3d modeling software – either Rhinoceros or Alias Studio. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding good tutorials, videos or books on either of these two programs. Any recommendations?
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Have you checked out local colleges and universities? I know a few people who have taken night school courses on Rhino at a community college (this is in Canada, not sure about France).
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The included tutorial in Rhino is quite good, IMO.
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I learned to use Rhino from an Industrial Design prof. He sat down with me for four hours and explained it for free. Everything from there I figured out myself with the online help that comes with the program (it is very good).

If you can't ask a friend to teach you, I suggest paying for a tutor instead of going to a class. At a class, everyone starts out from a different place (some know autocad, some have barely used a computer) and will need to use the program for very different things. You have a certain background experience and certain projects in mind, no dobut, so learning will be faster with personal instruction.

Oh, and the advice I got from many people was to buy Rhino and not Alias. I think the reason for this is that they all preferred the rendering software that interfaces with Rhino.
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Response by poster: I've considered finding a tutor, but from my research so far the prices are outrageously expensive. Perhaps I can find a student nearby who hasn't thought about the option of tutoring and might not charge as much.
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Best answer: That's what I would do. Try going to coroflot.com and typing in "Rhino" as keyword and "Paris" as location. Here, I did it for you. Check out the portfolios that come up, pick out some students (or professionals) that look good, and e-mail them requesting a tutoring session.
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