"If a dollar was a chicken, would the chicken be evil?"
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I have a friend from the UK who talks about a commercial with Samuel L. Jackson talking about the evils of money, and then wondering, "If a dollar was a chicken, would the chicken be evil?" The friend has no clue what the commercial was about or for, hasn't seen it since, and googling turns up nothing conclusive (perhaps we're searching the wrong things.) Got any ideas?
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A guy here says it was a Barclay's ad. There is an article on the ad here, but the site is down so I cannot read it. The excerpt in Vivisimo's results page is "... L. Jackson asking us, “If a dollar was a chicken, would a chicken be evil?” These ads are some of the creme de la creme of their ilk. The Brits regularly seem to garner acclaim for these McNuggets of ..." I wasn't able to find an archived copy of the page, but someone else might.

For what it's worth, I searched using the phrase in quotes and got decent results.
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It was indeed Barclays Bank. He did a series of them.
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Hoo, I feel a bit silly.

Something Google doesn't seem to turn up are the ads themselves. I don't suppose any of the UKers here have any of them recorded? I'd be willing to host 'em. They sound gold.

Or even just a full transcript.
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visit4info seems to have videos of them, but you have to pay to see them.
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Precocious - they're really not that great. Quite cheesy in fact, and very soon annoying.
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Yeah, agree with bifter on the high irritation factor. Also, the brand/celebrity seem mismatched: people remember the ad for Sam L Jr, not for the company that commissioned them. Which kinda defeats the point.
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Never liked the ads myself, as I couldn't see what the hell they had to do with the average consumer's experience of using a High Street bank.

Since SLJ never actually mentions "Barclays" anywhere in any of the ads, I always assumed they were recycled from some American ad.
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It was for Barclays bank; press office telephone +44 (0) 207 699 5000. Press office contacts here - tell them that you're a US journo.

The ad itself was made by hip London ad agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty. If you can get them to put the coke away for five minutes, they might be able to point you in the right direction. Contact details on website, can't deep link; flash.
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salmacis, I seem to recall someone telling me that the ads were originally made for Abbey National but then sold to Barclays when AN decided to use a different campaign.
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