Help us find a couch with a tall back and good head support
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Sofas for tall people in NYC

I just spent a day with my boyfriend looking at furniture stores and we only found one sofa that fit us. We're tall people, and he is a long-waisted six-foot-three, and I'd like to find something that cradles us from bottom to head.

The most comfortable couch we found, and the only we'd consider buying, is a Stratolounger Camalot sectional. The height is 38 inches, so while the back is not extremely tall, the head rest bends forward and helps increase the amount of space for us to sink in with our backs and also allows us to lean our heads back without feeling like they'll snap off.

Please help us find more options in NYC! We tried a bunch of European-style places in Brooklyn, a few random discount stores, and Levitz to no avail. Looking for a sleeper sofa and recliner chair or recliner loveseat (minus the console that the Camalot has in its loveseat).
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Have you seen this page yet?
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I don't live in New York, but I have a few hints. I've found that a deep seat cushion is as crucial for tall person comfort as a tall back. Also, we have a leather recliner that fits me very well, and is from a La-Z-Boy shop. At the very least they have a good selection of reclining chairs.
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Best answer: Ekornes Stressless high-back sofa/loveseat with individually reclinable seats and/or Stressless recliner + Stressless ottoman , and the IKEA Ekeskog sleeper sofa (height 37 3/8").
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I like me some Classic Sofa, the make it just for you!
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Response by poster: Opted with the Ekornes Paradise high-back couch and Dream recliner. Excellent product. Expensive as all get-out but the only one that was truly comfortable seating (we ended up shopping for four days looking for other options, and we didn't see any).

Thanks a bunch!
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