London or Frankfurt for the weekend?
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I'll be taking an extended business trip at the end of August that will leave myself and a buddy with an empty weekend in either London or Frankfurt. I've been to London quite a few times but never Frankfurt. Can some well traveled mefites please share their opinion as to which city they would consider and why? We don't intend to do anything too cultural but don't want to be very bored either.
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There is vastly more to do in London.
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However, Frankfurt has some interesting daytrips, if you're into charming deutsche towns and neighborhoods, including several spa towns. Are you more interested in being touristy, finding new or different experiences, or in local color or what?

Also, are you more likely to return to one place or the other? If you're never going to Frankfurt again, do it now.
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There is vastly more to do in London

No doubt and like I said - I've been to London many times. I'm wondering if it's worth doing something different and exploring Frankfurt instead.
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Depends on your attitude...

If you want amazing food, go to Frankfurt. If you want amazing beer that you'll never drink anywhere else, go to Frankfurt. If you want to taste a local delicacy, drink Apfelwein, or applewine.

Amazing cheese and bread, a good music scene, good outdoorsy culture, and hot girls who speak a different language than you. know, London.

Easy choice for me, but then I've been to frankfurt before and I'll go again.
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Beer and sausage.

Is there anything more in life you REALLY need?
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30 minutes north of Frankfurt by train (which you can catch from inside the Frankfurt airport), on the Rhine River, is Rüdesheim, some times known as "The Party City." Great views of the Rhine Valley, cable car rides over the massive vineyards, the 1876 Niederwald Monument, day boat trip down the Rhine (the river flows north) through the Castle Region and many other tourist activities await. And there are plenty of places to eat and drink very well, to your hearts content!
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Frankfurt is a business/commerce hub more than a tourist hub. That said, it's really relaxing and fun to walk around the river and around the opera house area... and there's excellent cheap food everywhere. (As you probably know, Germany will be cheaper than London for food, transportation, lodging, everything.) I say go for it.

If I had a weekend starting & ending in Frankfurt, I'd actually spend it all in Köln [Cologne], which is maybe two hours away by train and is an excellent tourist/culture city.
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Thanks a lot. It looks like we'll be sampling the delights of Germany for the weekend.
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Don't forget that Frankfurt is in Bavaria, so there are bajillions of wonderful small, attractive towns full of local flavor all over the place. Seriously, pick a direction and ride a train.

Not far south south of Frankfurt is the town where I was an exchange student---there's a really neat lake called the Altmuehlsee and, not far from that there's 2 really great lakes called the Gross Bambachsee and the Klein Bambachsee. If you don't want to ride a train, rent a scooter and seriously just go crazy.

The little Bavarian towns are usually very friendly, and often have a large tourist trade already---although not necessarily American tourists.

But seriously, food wise, Bavaria kicks london's ass.
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Er... Frankfurt is in Hessen, not in Bavaria.
Just sayin'.
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Ya, realized that, was hoping nobody would notice. ;-)
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