Can you identify this computer book from the 80s?
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Does anyone remember a computer book from the 80s with the author's phone number printed on the cover?

I was just a kid when it came out, so I don't remember much about it except it made heavy use of clip art. Ring any bells?
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I'm sure it was Peter McWilliams. I miss seeing him around. He was a wonderful writer, computer guru and poet. He died a few years ago and is sadly missed by many.
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I googled the text of your question and got this as the second item.
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I think that's it, although I was unable to find a picture of the front cover, which is what I'd need to be sure. I'm very sorry to hear that he died; that book was part of the beginning of my long love affair with technology and I would have liked to thank him for it.
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I think found missing has the right answer (and I was wrong). You're thinking of Russ Walters and his Secret Guide. As far as I know, Walters is still alive, but Williams' death is still pretty damn tragic.
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*sigh* Russ Walter, not Walters.
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