Recommend therapists and/or ADD evaluators in DC
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Recommended therapists and/or ADD evaluations in the Washington DC area?

I'm looking to a) be evaluated for ADD (inattentive type) and b) begin therapy soon, to work on the ADD (or ADD-like) symptoms [improve focus, follow-through, procrastination, etc] as well as some self-esteem and relatively low-level social anxiety issues that may or may not be related. It would be convenient for me to do both with the same person/center, but I'm also definitely willing to do it separately if that gets me the best treatment. Please recommend great therapists you (or people you know) have worked with, even if you don't know whether they have experience with ADD (although that is certainly a plus).

Also, big bonus points if they take my health insurance (Cigna PPO). I have heard good things about the Women's Center, but they don't take Cigna, nor do the names mentioned in previous threads.

I only recently moved to DC, so I don't have a primary care physician or many local friends I can ask directly about this. And yes, I know about the various search engines online, but I am looking for personal recommendations from satisfied clients (or people who know satisfied clients).

I'm female, in my mid-20s, and prone to excessive self-analysis that doesn't really get me anywhere I need to go. E-mail address is if needed.
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I have a good therapist recommendation in McLean, someone to whom I've referred quite a few MetaFilterians. I don't anything about her expertise with ADD, but I'll shoot you an email with her details.
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I don't know if he does ADD, but Michael Brenneis (PhD, LPC, LMFT) is the smartest therapist I've yet seen. (Don't be scared by the Episcopal Priest thing -- I'm an atheist.)
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