Tax advice in Raleigh?
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I work full-time and my wife and I both have sole proprietorships. I'd like to engage a financial advisor to look over our tax planning. Our situation doesn't change much year to year, so I'm envisioning just a one-time thing to see if we're missing any opportunities. Our estate plan and investments are already in good order. Do I want an accountant? A tax preparer? Financial planner? Any tips for finding a good one? Thanks.
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I would look for a CPA with demonstrated experience in tax planning for small businesses. This is not a task for a "tax preparer". I would look for a local owned small to mid size accounting firm that specialized in small business services. If there is a professional group with whom you are affiliated you might ask them for references/referrals. Good luck
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My tax guy does financial planning too, but I agree a CPA with small biz experience is probably the way to go, as they can look at the big picture.
The tax and planner guys are hitting everything with a hammer, while the CPA can do stuff like suggest "you know, the tax bill would be a little higher, but if you took out a loan to by that electro-duplicator-thingy your volumes would increase enough to cover the loan, the extra tax and it would give you 4 hours a week to spend some other way."
Well, the good ones can. Ask for a few recommendations at your local chamber of commerce meeting, or Lions or Rotary if you don't know any.
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