T-Shirt print shop in London
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T-Shirt printed while you wait in central London??

My Goggle skills have completely failed me. I know these places exist. I need to either e-mail or phone an order which someone will pick up tomorrow. I just need 2 little boys T-Shirts printed with a short message. Can anyone help?
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Best answer: I thought snappy snaps did this. Just provide them with the tiff of what you want printed. Might just want to give a call.
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Best answer: Like jadepearl, I'd try a Snappy Snaps - they're all around the place. Failing that, Soho is full of places that will do that kind of thing - I can't find the number of the one on Poland Street, but google suggests that the printers on Wardour Street is TPL printers - phone is 020 7287 8830.
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Response by poster: thanks guys, think I'm sorted! You're both the best!
posted by Wilder at 3:56 AM on July 25, 2007

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