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Websites/blogs that discuss popular or up-and-coming Web 2.0 companies?

I read Lifehacker and Download Squad, places that introduce me to new and interesting Web 2.0 sites frequently. While they do offer the information I am interested in, I'd like to go one step further and seek out a website that discusses nothing but Web 2.0 companies.

So my question is this: Are there any websites or blogs that exclusively discuss popular or up-and-coming Web 2.0 companies, such as Yoono, Clipmarks & pownce?

I welcome all suggestions! Another Lifehacker/Lifehack would be fantastic tho not Web 2.0 exclusive.
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DemoMarks stopped updating in April, looks like, but is otherwise a decent place for reviewing Web 2.0 applications.
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Mashable, which is social-networking specific, and GigaOm are both worth a look.

For something on the humorous site, uncov is an anti-Web 2.0 site that can be very funny. It's a little inconsistent but is useful at cutting through PR BS.
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TechMeme, TechCrunch, Read/WriteWeb, O'Reilly Radar, eHub, MicroPersuasion. Also Listio, Go2Web20 and the RSS feeds for the relevant tags on del.icio.us (e.g. http://del.icio.us/popular/web20).
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I'd recommend Uncov for the other side of the dot com boom 2.0.
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Wow, uncov is awesome! Do you know any more sites up (or down) that alley, as opposed to the big guys listed above.

Don't get me wrong, the big guys are good, but it seems like many of them have gotten lazy and they do a lot of tail-chasing (let's all link to the same thing and toss is a smudge of insight!) and everyone kisses their asses.
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My Google Reader feeds tagged as lifehack:

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TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb are undoubtedly the largest, pure Web 2.0 feature blogs.
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I used to check out museum of modern betas pretty frequently and it should still be around.
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Great sites above for insight, but if you're looking for straight, comprehensive coverage, check out Emily Chang's eHub and MoMB - between those two sites, you'll hardly miss any new Web 2.0 site of note.
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ejoey: You'll probably love ValleyWag.
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Great question, great answers. I didn't know about a single one of these.
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GrandCentral is pretty awesome.
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Thanks guys, these are exactly what I was looking for!
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