can i find big NASA tshirts (official)
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Where can I find old Nasa T-Shirts from Kennedy Space Center


I went to Kennedy Space Center in 2003, in the store the merchandise was rooted in the 80s; which I loved.

It reminded me of my childhood, not that I went when I was a child - but it was exactly how I remembered it from the likes of Space Camp, etc, etc.

Sorry for the ramble....when I was there, on my honeymoon, there were some big t-shirts - I bought one of them; grey worn and with a Nasa was 4xl or maybe 5xl.

I loved it and wish every other day that I had bought more, they are perfect for lounging around in and I am mad at my stupidity at the time.

Is there anyway that I can find some more of these and get them to the UK?

Here's hoping that the NASA t-shirt makers tune into

Cheers TC
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Maybe it's obvious, but I say ebay it. I went through a phase a couple summers ago when wanted to wear nothing by vintage space shirts. I had good luck at Houston-area thrift stores (I live in Texas). Since that's not an option for you, I'd find a seller on ebay who might be digging around Florida and Texas thriftstores.
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I may be able to help you. Email in my profile.
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I just saw these a couple of days ago.
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Vintage space t-shirts? Truly, the universe is queerer than we can imagine!

You do know that the KSC Space Store is online? The tees only seem to go up to 3XL, though. Apparently, they do ship to the UK.
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Response by poster: @KSC - thanks for that, the shirts that I saw seemed to be in a discount/end of line section, so they aren't in the store.

Thanks for the shout though.

@mastershake - email sent.

@lunalaguna - tried ebay :S no luck
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