Where can I find a set of nice free XP alphabet icons?
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Looking for (free) XP alphabet icons that are easy on the eye.

I've had a bit of a hunt around but it's taking me ages and so far I'm just getting really basic (read kinda ugly) designs. Is there such a resource, or am I just going to have to pay?
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Do you mean as Windows ICO files?
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Response by poster: yessir!
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You may want to check out the Tango project. All Tango icons are free.

FamFamFam and KDE Look are other free resources you should explore.

Example icons:

If you'd prefer the complete alphabet, try out some open source fonts.
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Mattahan's Umicons Volume 2 has a simple, high quality alphabet in it.

I'm not sure why. They have nothing in common with the rest of the set.
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