Nice, but not expensive, suits in NYC
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My fiance needs a nice black summerweight pinstripe suit for our wedding. Where can we find one in NYC without breaking the bank?

Luckily, off the rack suits look good on him and he has a 33" waist and 32" inseam. He'd like to have the suit altered to fit better after he buys it, so places that either do their own alterations or can send us to a good, cheap tailor are preferred. Also, he's going to need a light purple dress shirt and tie, so anywhere that has a wide range of colored dress shirts would be great. I'm looking for something nicer than the Macy's sale section and our budget is $600-$700, but preferably under that. We're not interested in traveling tailors, so recommendations for stores in NYC is really what we're looking for.
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Century 21?
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Ebay. Seriously. I bought the suit I got married in off ebay, had it altered (alterations costing more than the suit, but altogether, still a good deal).
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H&M here in Canada sells decent-ish suits for around the $200 mark.
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Joseph A Bank has a store in Manhattan. I've found their stuff to be comparable to mid-level Macys suits.
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I got two great suits at H&M that cost about 10% what I've paid for other suits. I'm also a 33" waist and around the same height as your fiance. I just wore one to a wedding this weekend.
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Century 21 has a lot of amazing bargains on suits, if you're willing to wade through the merchandise. I'm pretty sure they'll do alterations, but I can't speak to the quality. They've also got a ton of dress shirts and ties, among everything else.
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I'd recommend Zara's men's department. I bought the suit I got married in there this year. The one I go to is at 59th and Lexington and has the men's section downstairs.
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I got a cheap but nice suit at Zara -- I got mine in Israel, but they seem to have stores in NYC as well. I paid shekels, but I think it was the equivalent of about US$300.
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Third the Century 21, it's decent for men's suits.
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Ina is a couture consignment store in NoLIta and their men's store on Mott St. just below Houston often has very nice suits in that price range - also check their Bleeker St. store. The most-recommended tailor in that part of town is Ramón, also on Mott St. N of Houston - I like Hong Kong Tailor Jack on Waverly but he has a long wait for alterations, and isn't cheap.
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