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I'm looking for some 'informative' blogs about music production to add to my RSS reader. Any suggestions?

I'd like to find some blogs that that discuss using Macs in audio production (or Logic Audio, more specifically), but I'm also into ones that cover general audio production subjects (such as mic placement, studio maintenance, quick reviews of new gear, etc). I assumed a Google or Technorati search would give me dozens of these but all searching yields nothing. I need to throw some of this in my Google Reader so it's not all political blogs and Metafilter in there! Thanks in advance for any suggestions ...
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They might not always cover just the topics you're looking for, but I like having createdigitalmusic (which recently had a great piece on Thomas Dolby) and MusicThing in my RSS reader.
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I liked hometracked.
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You're probably already hip to this, but there's the "Tech Room" forum at Electrical Audio's site, which sees quite a bit of action.
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(Which is not a blog, per se, but I thought I'd throw it in there.)
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I just getting this blog started with some colleagues of mine. It will feature audio/studio/recording tips and info, it will also feature tips for band marketing and promotion, as well as music and gear reviews.

It's in it's birth stages so bear with us.

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Thanks for the tips ... all good ones.

I also found this one in my searching which I'll mention here for others: Making Music ... self-described as a blog "about Making Music with Computer Software, with news about Free and Commercial Music Making software".
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