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Who (or what) is Goljan and his (its) Pathology Lectures? I've listened to most of these (and love them), know little about pathophysiology, but can someone tell me who is this great man and what makes him "the best"?? He seems to be a favorite among medical students. Thanks.

I say "what" and "is" because it seems like this guy has ascended to some sort of god among medical students, but I would love to know who he really is, find some sort of Bio., but Wikipedia and google have turned up surprisingly little.
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Looks like he's Chief of Patholog at OSU. Have no idea what makes him so good since I've never heard his lectures (available on BitTorrent). I assume he's a good teacher.
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His lecture notes are apparently very comprehensive but well organized, and his lectures are supposed to be very easy to follow. I think he actually holds a couple "Step 1 Review" series courses every year for 2nd year med students. I never used any of his stuff.
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Where have you come across the lectures? I'd love to listen to them.
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