Oxford: Parking for myself and a car?
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Oxford UK: Want to know where I can park myself at an inexpensive B&B and my car.

(There is an older AskMe B&B Oxford question, but it is two years old.)

Looking for an inexpensive B&B for myself --as a student I always liked the cheap ones where I got to stay with an "old" couple whose kids had moved out or somesuch. Needn't be in city centre, but I would like it to be no more than a half hour by foot, bus, train or car.

As for the car, I know this is somewhat dependent on where I lodge, but will I be ticketed without a permit for street parking? How is parking generally in Oxford? Are daily or weekly car parks available for a reasonable rate?
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Go to the bookstore and look in Rick Steves UK book. He lists some approved B and B's for Oxford, along with the cost, location and parking situation. His recommendations are generally excellent.
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I used to park near where some friends had lived in their last year of Uni - Ferry Road, on the other side of Jericho from the town centre (a healthy, brisk 30 minute walk through a nice park). Last time I was there about 18 months ago, it was completely unrestricted residential parking, and there was always space whenever I went there to park (although you'll probably annoy the residents if you leave your car there for a week unmoved).

There are also a few Park and Ride locations around the fringes of Oxford, where you can park for free and take a free bus into the City Centre. I can't speak to how safe it would be to leave a car there overnight, but maybe other residents can.
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No idea about B&Bs, but I just got back from visiting oxford. My sister lives there. We hired a great apartment for a week - worked out really cheap. it had a great kitchen, bathroom, and every thing needed - big TV, lots of towels, washing machine, you name it. It was good for us as there were so many of us coming and going (it was my sister's wedding, so the whole family was there).

I wouldn't recommend driving in Oxford - our friend got a hire car, and it was just such a pain trying to drive anywhere. Most people cycle or walk / catch the bus. You're better getting a bus pass than driving, I think.

The apartment was just off Banbury Rd, which was a great location - the bus went straight to the city - also, since my sister lives above the summertown shops on Banbury Rd, it was easy to get to her place.
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Response by poster: The car isn't so much for Oxford (as I have been there before and found it quite walkable), but for day trips.

My SO is staying at one of the colleges and I'm just looking for some place inexpensive to crash at the end of the day.
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There are lots of small B&Bs in Oxford, along the Banbury, Abingdon and Iffley Roads, for example. Some may have limited parking, but parking and driving in Oxford is difficult. Most central areas of Oxford are resident parking only and you will be ticketed if you don't have one. There are several car parks in the centre of town, but are only for short term parking. However, Oxford is very bus, bike and pedestrian friendly and is best seen on foot.
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You can park in Grandpont on White Horse Road down at the end next to the park IIRC: here. Check that's its 24 hour though; you might not be allowed to park overnight.

Oh, and right now you can't drive up the Abingdon Road anyway because of the flooding...

Most of Oxford is residents only, but it's pretty much a free-for-all in the outer suburbs: chuck a Brompton in the back of the car and cycle to and fro :)
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Best answer: OK, a bit late to the party, but this site should help you out.
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