Coughing up a Pass!
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Can you take cough drops into the california bar exam?

Maybe an obscure question. No food or drink, but medicines are allowed according to the bar examiners' regulations. Any MeFiters know if cough drops are okay?

Anyway, if you're taking it starting Tuesday - good luck!
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Just unwrap some and put them in a clear plastic bag to show to the proctor.
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Did you go to Bar/Bri? The performance test guy said they don't search pockets; people have been known to take raisins and similar-sized stuff.

Also, I BELIEVE there is an exception for prescription drugs, at least, but I'm too bushed to go find my admission ticket at the moment. Yours should have this info on it if you've already gotten it.
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I took cough drops into the February '05 Illinois Bar Exam. Don't know if that helps you. I did like Burhanistan said and put pre-wrapped Halls cough drops into a plastic baggie. I just mentioned them to the proctor before exam and she told me to be quiet when I was unwrapping them.

Good luck!
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I remember taking some kind of hard candy in with me when I took the California Bar. IIRC I kept them in my pocket and unwrapped them in the restroom- no one else was any the wiser.

That was 10 years ago, so things may have changed. Good luck!
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