How to find proprietors of a closed restaurant
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Trying to locate proprietors of a closed Tibetan restaurant in New York that was called Lhasa on 2nd Avenue. The food was so good and the owners were so nice. We would like to be able to tell them how often we think of them and how much their restaurant meant to us. It's been closed for a few years now. Does anyone know how we can figure out how to reach them?
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You could look up the property and see who owns it. The landlord may or may not reveal that information. Probably not, in all likelihood.
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This article from the New York Times mentions the owner's name.
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tashi delek.

tibetan communities all know each other (not always a good thing.... believe me!), as a rule.
if there is another tibetan establishment around, ask them. you wouldn't even have to know the name of the people.

i seem to remember that there were a few tibetan stalls at a market... and would you believe, i can't bloody remember where... but there will be a restaurant, or a shop with tibetans... somewhere.

good luck.
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