Where can I find quality Japanese Go game sets in NY?
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Where can I buy a nice quality Go set in NYC?

I've looked online and while I would like to buy a set on good faith, I really don't want to risk it with a Go set. Is there anywhere in NY where I can physically browse good quality Go game sets? (Not the cardboard fold in half board kinds.)
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Responses I had when I asked almost this very same question in regards to Chicago suggested that it was getting increasingly difficult to find reasonable Go sets in Brick and Mortar stores. This may not apply to NY of course, but I ended up buying my set online after looking (quickly) through Chicago and the Twin Cities
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Chess Forum and Chess Shop often have a few sets to choose from.

Don't know where you'd go for anything fancy, though.
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Samarkand can be trusted. If you want more information about one of their products, just ask them. They'll be happy to help. They have better stuff for cheaper than I've seen around here (in Seattle).

(I am a satisfied customer.)
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I don't even live in NYC, and I've been to (and am a huge fan of) the New York Go Center, founded by Iwamoto himself. I've been twice, and was quite impressed by the people and facilities.

They've got books and such that they sell, and I'm fairly sure gobans/bowls/stones as well - but I could be mistaken. Regardless, you should swing by there and ask them, as they'll know the best equipment dealers in the area (and play a game or two while you are there - I envy your proximity).
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