Lamest myspace ever.
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I have an old MySpace, created two years ago, that I'd like to have disappear. The problem is that as I haven't logged into to it since it was first posted, I've forgotten which e-mail address I used to register it and as such can not log into it or retrieve my password. What do I do?

My first step was, of course, contacting the Myspace support team but all I got from them was some completely unrelated form letter about taking a picture with a sign. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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Have you tried the search by email address function they have? Try all of the email addresses you've used in the past.
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Best answer: That's not unrelated.

If there are pics of you on the myspace page, they can match up the recent pic with that one. The sign is to cut down on the chance of you just happening to have another picture of the person on the page.
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Can't you just enter each email address you may have used, in the "Forgotten Password" field one at a time until you get the right one? Assuming you still have access to your email accounts.
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Response by poster: I've tried the search by e-mail function with every e-mail address I currently have, they all turned up nothing. I have no idea what kind of crazy e-mail shenanigans I was up to two years ago.

The apparently related e-mail I got from I got from Myspace support states partially this:

If for some reason you should be unable to delete the account, provide the email plus password for your profile and we will cancel it for you. If you don’t remember the password or it has been changed, please send us a salute as verification and we can remove the account.

To send a salute, please do the following:

Create a hand written sign that says and your friend ID. Your friend ID is the number between ID= and &mytoken in your profile's URL.

How would I find that friend ID?
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Best answer: You will need to get to your Myspace page to do that. Do you know where it is? If so, hover your mouse over the profile picture and you'll get a URL that says "&friendID=123456789". That's your friend ID.
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I've had to the myspace salute thing, and it works. The whole process took about a week or so from contact, me taking a pic, and an email from myspace with a temporary password.

They changed the email account to a different one and gave me a temporary password. That should work just fine for you in these circumstances.
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Shortcircuit the MySpace hoops. DMCA takedown seems ideal for this.
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