how can I switch my computer on remotely when a power outage (for example) shuts it down?
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how can I switch my computer on remotely when a power outage (for example) shuts it down? I use gotomypc but it is useless if something turns the system off! I am using windows XP, ADSl and I'm in Australia
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There may be an option in the system BIOS to power back up after a power loss; another option is to invest in a battery backup (UPS) that will do clean shutdown/startups when power is interupted.
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The BIOS settings for most computers can be set to make the machine start up automatically when power is applied.

You'll need to hit a certain key as the machine boots up to open the BIOS menu. This key varies from one motherboard to another, but it's usually one of the F keys or delete, there should be message on the boot screen like "press F3 for setup." Be careful in there and don't change anything you're not sure of.

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Wake-on-LAN may also be an option if your BIOS supports it.
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Swap the motor for a relay in a pre-paid cellphone, leave it set to vibrate when called.
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Most PCs have an option in the Bios to resume the last state the PC was in when power is cycled at the jack. Mine also has the option to startup it if looses power even if it was off.
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