Images are getting left out of my Pagemaker newsletter.
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Pagemaker question- I know little about print publishing as I work mostly with the web, but I do put out a newsletter for a local natural foods market and have so far been able to fake it through most challenges. My printer guy complains that the images are sometimes not available within my document. What is the proper way to link these if you are then throwing the publication on disc. I use PM 7.0, but save as a .P65 file because my printer has only that version. Thanks!
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Is there a collect for output option?

Or you can get Flightcheck, which collects all images and fonts, and troubleshoots before you release anything to a printer. It's worth it, for preventing things like this from happening.
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There is a function in PageMaker 7 under Utilities>Plug-Ins>Save for Service Provider... that will allow you to save all of the images (and fonts, if desired) for your printer. From there, click the Summary tab, hit the Preflight Pub button, and if you get two green checkmarks, click the Package button on the lower right, check the Copy Fonts box if you want to save the fonts, too, and save everything into a new directory called "Output." Then open the PMD from within that directory and save it back to P65. Burn the whole Output directory to disk and your printer shouldn't have any problems as long as the graphics are set up correctly.
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Response by poster: MegoSteve, you rock!
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Or make a PDF or PostScript file and have him print from that. Hard to screw it up when all the graphics are embedded in a single file.
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