Name that tune, with audio.
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Name this beautiful, haunting, lilting tune [streaming/downloadable mp3] that I captured on my laptop's crappy onboard mic.

Naturally, sound quality is poor: you will need to crank up the volume, and try to ignore the ambient noise.

Coffeeshop staff seems to think the vocals are in an asian language. Unfortunately, I don't have much else to go off of. I posed this question here earlier; check it for more ideas.
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Was this recorded next to a bird sanctuary or are the birds in the actual track? That would help track it down.
posted by datacenter refugee at 2:35 PM on July 22, 2007

Response by poster: Ha! The birds are not part of the track.
posted by acehigh at 2:39 PM on July 22, 2007


I ran your mp3 through a few different sound search engines, but the recording is too muddled (For example, I did find one or two Asian songs. With birds in the background.).

You say in the previous question that the song is off of a mix CD. Any chance you can grab a copy of that?
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Response by poster: @ Niles: Perhaps. When I first heard the song I asked the barrista what it was. He said an out-of-town friend burned the mix for him and the friend didn't even know what it was. I can try to track down this guy and see if I could borrow the cd, but I'm still holding out faith that the mefites can nail this one.
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sounds like madonna to me.
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Sounds like something from the sound track they play at a Lebanese restaurant in my town,'s definitely Arabic...
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acehigh: I didn't mean a copy of the original track from the original CD, necessarily, but rather just ripping a cleaner copy of the track to run through the search. I would assume this is feasible (they are playing the CD at the coffee shop, right?), but would totally depend on how well you know the barrista.
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