A reverse Slingbox?
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Is there a set-top box that performs the opposite of a Slingbox?

I have a Ubuntu server at home with a TV tuner in it. I am using VLC to stream the TV tuner to my machine in another city over the internet. I change the channel by logging in via SSH and issuing a "tune" command (that uses ivtv-tune to set the frequency). This works great for when I am sitting in front of the computer, but I'd like to be able to be a vegetable on the couch in front of the television and use a remote control to change the channel on a set top box and watch it through the television.

Is there a set top box that is less complicated, power hungry, and noisy than a complete computer that will a) allow me to run VLC, b) display VLC's output in full screen on the television, and c) issue SSH commands with the push of buttons on a remote control?
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For "c", a remote control can trigger LIRC.

"a" and "b" may be doable with Apple's TV box. Fairly cheap, with IR, tuner stuff. I think it can run linux, too.
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You have the equipment to setup a mythtv box... if the computer isn't used for anything else, setup mythtv and be happy. There is a knoppix based distribution which takes only 30 minutes to get up and running (well, I know what I'm doing, make it 2 hours and that'll be more accurate). It supports remotes, front and back ends (ie, your situation), and most of all, it's designed for this rather than being a multi-step hacked together solution like you have now.

If you have further questions about mythtv, email me.
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