Breaking up with MySpace, and I want my stuff back.
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Canceling my MySpace account. Is there a way to save/export/preserve the content of my MySpace blog?

Coming to my senses and canceling my MySpace account. However, my MySpace blog has turned out to be a concise and amusing record of the last couple of years, and I'd like to preserve it in some form. Is there a relatively easy way to do this, or am I looking forward to interminable copying and pasting? It's mostly for me, but bonus points if friends could also save it easily if they wanted to.

I tried subscribing to the the RSS feed, thinking I could just save it in the reader, but it only "fed" the last 10 entries, and I suspect it would disappear once I cancel the account. Also, the links in the blog postings don't show up as links in the reader. So that doesn't seem like the best solution.

I'm relatively savvy about such things, but I'm drawing a blank here and it's embarrassing. I blame the user-unfriendliness of MySpace.
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Best answer: Scrapbook it with firefox + Scrapbook extension
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On the low-tech side of suggestions, what I usually do is Print --> Save as PDF (on a Mac). I don't know whether there's a comparable solution for Windows, but a screenshot would also suffice. PDF versus JPG, either way you've got the content easily saved in an accessible format.
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Response by poster: Oh, I should have mentioned that I'm on a Mac using mostly Firefox. Hence, Scrapbook looks like the perfect solution, I've already got the page saved. But if anyone has any other suggestions for future questioners, answer away.
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There's a service called Space Wrapper that claims to do this. It'll cost you $3.00.
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Before MySpace had feeds, I created a script to scrape full-content feeds from MySpace blogs. And I still run that because MySpace's feeds are still incomplete. I just tried modifying that script to go through each page and merge all the posts together into a giant feed, and that seems to work okay as a MySpace blog export. But I've only run a few tests just now and none with especially large blogs, so it likely has a few bugs still. If you have any problems, let me know and I'll try to fix them.
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