Boston Flea Markets?
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Are there any cool outdoor flea markets in Boston (or the suburbs)?
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I can personally recommend the mit flea, altho that's a rather specific kind of market...
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I know of two in the suburbs north of Boston... A weekend flea market in the parkling lot next to Showcase Cinemas in Revere and also one close by Building 19 in Lynn (right next to Walmart)
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It's a bit of a longer drive, but I've always enjoyed the Wellfleet Flea Market on Cape Cod.
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If you feel like a drive, Southern NH has a few. The Londonderry and Hollis markets are close to farms that sell their own produce in the summer. They're also close to the Nashua farmers market on Main Street.
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There's the South End Open Market. It's mostly new arts and crafts, and quality ranges greatly, but there is some good stuff and a nice variety of stuff. There are also usually a few true "flea" vendors with used odds 'n ends. Where I grew up all the drive-ins were given over to flea markets on weekends and I think the one in Wellfleet is the same. You might look into former drive-ins in Massachusetts to see if any of them still have fleas.

There are a number of interesting vintage/antique/consignment shops in the area, like entire buildings with many vendors. One of the better ones recently closed, but there's another called Cambridge Market Antique.

Oh, and you know about Brimfield, right?
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Definitely check out Brimfield, it's worth the drive! You can do a day trip, or make a weekend of it and spend a day in the Berkshires (probably another couple of hours drive west)
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Response by poster: Hi All,
Just a quick report: we did go to the South End Open Market the other weekend. It was a bit small (summer?) but I ended up scoring some cool stuff.

Thanks for all the answers!
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