Will you help me remember the title of this book?
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Please help me remember the title of a particular fictional, young-adult book from the 80s or maybe 90s.

I've been trying to find the title of this book off and on for years. I've googled/yahooed/amazonned it to no avail. I've also asked the question on other answer sites with a similar lack of success. Here is what I can remember.

- The main character's alias is ZOZ. This is the name he uses when he gets a high score on an arcade game (because of the three letter limit of the high score lists).

- The book is centered around the town's arcade. There might be some sort of conflict where the parents of the town try to, or do, shut it down.

- The characters are all teenagers. The main character, Zoz, loses his virginity to one of the female game players. This part of the book happens at the beginning of a chapter and is written almost like a concrete poem.

- I think there is also a fight between Zoz and another one of the boys.

Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Could it be Game Over or Worthy Opponent? Or maybe a book from 1983 called Video War?
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This storyline sounds familiar to me too. Video War certainly has that concrete poem you mentioned.
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So, poopdbq...any comments?
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Response by poster: It was Video War. Thanks for your help.
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I just came here to ask this question, and have been similarly flummoxed by google searches. AskMetafilter rules!
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