Choke daddy?
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In a poor Dade county Florida elementary school in the late 70s, on some days they would serve us "Choke Daddy" sandwiches instead of hot food. What was that stuff?

I think it was 1977, and the school was Goulds Elementary. Choke daddy sandwiches (I don't think that was their official name) were a blob of sweet, sticky brownish goo between two slices of cheap white bread. I'm guessing they had to stretch their budget by serving these things occasionally. I don't remember the flavor much except that it was sweet, and fairly smooth textured. I think if I tried to recreate it today, I'd try combinations of peanut butter, corn syrup, white sugar and/or molasses. Yeah, seriously. They had to feed us something.

Anyone remember anything similar, and if so, any real information on what it was?
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Could it possibly have been maltose? I think it's more of a Chinese thing, but it's the first thing that comes to mind when I think 'sweet sticky brownish goo'.
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In late 60s Kansas public schools, we could sometimes get peanut butter/apple butter sandwiches at lunch, if we got there early enough. They usually didn't last long. A lot of kids in Florida once got fluffernutters, as a way of getting them to eat protein packed peanut butter, but I doubt you'd ever see those now on a school lunch menu.
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Nutella? It was commonly fed to small children in at least one part of Canada around that time.
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We used to get peanutbutter and honey sandwiches in NC in the sixties.
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Apple butter was the first thing I thought of. I went to Kansas public schools in the 70s/80s and I remember sometimes getting apple butter sandwiches on Fridays (I always thought it was because the lunch ladies were worn out from a whole week of cooking and they wanted something easy to prepare, and easy to clean up, for the end of the week).
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Going on your peanut butter suggestion - we used to have Lincoln Logs, which were peanut butter+powdered milk+corn syrup. It was more solid and chewable than regular peanut butter.
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Another possibility is something made of carob, which was popular as a health food alternative to chocolate in the late 70s. (a few recipes)
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Many times foodservice will mix up peanut butter and honey and/or peanut butter and jelly so it saves time not having to slap two things on two pieces of bread. Maybe you're thinking of PB and honey.
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Peanut Butter and Karo. I remember the people who served it to me had some funny name for it, might've been Choke Daddy. These were just folks, though. Not a cafeteria. And Indiana in maybe 1982.

It was delicious.
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My dad grew up in Tampa and Stuart in the 50s/60s and he ate a lot of peanut butter and honey sandwiches as a kid. I think they were more popular than pb&j in his circle. He didn't recognise the term Choke Daddy, however.

Incidentally, he also grew up eating peanut butter, banana, and mayonnaise sandwiches. He wants me to recommend them to you.
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I can't go back in time to compare, but PB+Karo seems most like what I remember -- and would be the perfect ingredients for an extremely poor deep south elementary school to serve as a budget stopgap.

I have PB+honey samiches all the time and it's not like choke daddy at all -- honey has a distinctive flavour that wasn't part of the original. Tomorrow for lunch, I'll try PB+Karo and maybe a dash of molasses if that doesn't match it up. Will report back -- thanks.
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So, after trying it what's the verdict? If it is right I am going to be excited, because I keep meaning to try the peanut butter + Karo + white bread sandwich as an adult, and it would be even more exciting if I could call it Choke Daddy.
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