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Is there a video sharing site that offers better visual quality than YouTube?

In my opinion, the average YouTube video is somewhat handicapped by it's small screen size and frequently "smeary" visual quality, I suppose due to compression artifacts. There are several websites with instructions to make the videos clearer prior to uploading, but I can't see much difference in the final appearance after it shows up at YouTube.

So, can you suggest a site for video uploads and sharing that that creates a better viewing experience?
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Check this out.
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It's all about I would have thought....
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From a brief look, it looks like soapbox has the best quality. requires a separate plugin.. no thanks.
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Stage6 does not require a plugin (it may prompt, but not necessary, I've never installed one), you can download the files straight off (the little down arrow in the center of the preview) and play it as a local file.. it's just a Divx/avi file. Stage6 is by far the best quality (HD, DVD rip quality).
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Response by poster: Thanks nitsuj, this looks like a great comparison site.
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Best answer: My friend Clintus SWEARS by
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I second, it offers far better quality video than Youtube, it actually pays content creators (more than any other video site according to this poll) and if you care about these things, it won the most recent Webby award for best broadband website.
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Thirding Blip.TV. Even after transcoding your video into a lightweight, fast-loading flash video (a la YouTube), you can still make available the original, huge, high-resolution video file. You can link directly to it, in fact, allowing you to use the service for a videoblog.
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Response by poster: is a clear winner w/ much sharper visuals. Thanks so much. I'll also go thru nitsuj's page suggestion in detail.
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Response by poster: A video quality shortlist:

Nitsuj pointed to a review of video sharing sites. That site also has a free ebook that details their conclusions about the 51 sites tested, broken down into categories such as account creation, uploading, interface, and video quality:

I've summarized their conclusions about which sites have relatively higher video quality: very nice quality, on par with soapbox; pretty good, decent; top ten percent (and has editing tools); much better than average;

metacafe quality almost same as the source; muted colors but close to original source quality, good-ish quality; pretty decent quality although compression obvious at times; great video quality, nearly up to the 5 star mark; superb quality, marginally different from the source file, the best quality out of them all; great quality when compared to the source, one of the best; great video quality
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